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In the [community profile] disability community, [personal profile] trouble posted an entry with news about the requirements about what accommodations Air Canada is required to provide to travellers with allergies to peanuts/nuts.
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(Cross-posted with slight variations to my own journal.)

I have a potentially-fatal allergy to peanuts and walnuts.

I just went shopping. As I sometimes do, I looked through the section of fancy chocolate bars, trying to find something that didn't have traces of peanuts or walnuts. I ended up finding two that were labelled as safe for me and looked like things I might enjoy, and bought them both.

One of them was dark chocolate with mint. I checked the packaging carefully before buying it. The list of ingredients didn't include nuts, and there was no 'may contain traces' type warning that I could spot anywhere else around the back of the package. I probably checked several times; I usually do with chocolate, because it seems too good to be true when I find some I can actually have.

After I got home and unloaded all the groceries, I figured I'd have a bit of one of my new chocolate bars. I had decided on this mint one. I checked the back again, because it still seemed too good to be true. The back of the package has lists of ingredients in quite a few languages; English at the top, followed by Spanish, French, Greek, something Slavic in Latin letters, Swedish, and something that might be Portuguese, though it didn't contain any of the really obvious indicators of Portuguese.

One of these caught my eye, and I noticed that it had a 'may contain traces' warning. In fact, all the languages besides English do, warning against possible traces of milk and something else. I suspected the 'something else' might be nuts, but I wasn't sure. The French and Spanish were respectively 'fruits secs' and 'frutos secos', which literally means 'dry fruits', but I seemed to recall that that might mean nuts. I checked the German, which said 'trockenfruchten' (dry fruits), but given the lack of capitalization in the German, I figured it was likely a poor translation. The chocolate was produced by a Spanish company, so I figured I'd take the Spanish version as probably authoritative. I plugged 'frutos secos' into Google Translate, and sure enough, it came out as 'nuts'.


That is a labelling failure that clearly someone ought to be made aware of. There should probably be a product recall. And I should probably attempt to inform the relevant people. I'd really rather not bother, but it should be done, so I guess I will try to do something about it...

The chocolate in question is "Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa With Mint", produced by Valor Chocolates.
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Have any of you gone on an elimination diet? I had a prick test recently and need to give up eggs, gluten, soy, wheat, and milk for the next few weeks. I'm finding myself a bit confused about some of the things listed to watch out for due to eggs: root beer and wine. Does anyone know whether there are egg free brands that are ok? Will the label on the package list egg or an allergy alert if egg is present in these products?

Thank you...
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Hello & welcome.

I started this community for somewhat selfish reasons ~ I am relatively new to having allergies, and still trying to figure out what is causing them, so I am hoping to get some advice from more experienced folks.

I will tell more about myself (and what has happened thus far) in another post. This one is just to welcome everyone to the community, and to kick things off.

Please feel free to post questions, stories, helpful suggestions, rants, anything you like. Just keep in mind that we are here to support each other, not to debate or argue over who's right or wrong. Different things work for different people. Hopefully, as we come together and share, we may be able to help each other along the way, even if it's just to listen when you've had a bad day.

Any questions or comments that need to be addressed by a mod can be sent via private message to me, and I will respond promptly and accordingly.

Also, please use tags in your entries, and don't duplicate them ~ if someone has already posted a similar tag, just use that one to avoid confusion later.


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