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Hello & welcome.

I started this community for somewhat selfish reasons ~ I am relatively new to having allergies, and still trying to figure out what is causing them, so I am hoping to get some advice from more experienced folks.

I will tell more about myself (and what has happened thus far) in another post. This one is just to welcome everyone to the community, and to kick things off.

Please feel free to post questions, stories, helpful suggestions, rants, anything you like. Just keep in mind that we are here to support each other, not to debate or argue over who's right or wrong. Different things work for different people. Hopefully, as we come together and share, we may be able to help each other along the way, even if it's just to listen when you've had a bad day.

Any questions or comments that need to be addressed by a mod can be sent via private message to me, and I will respond promptly and accordingly.

Also, please use tags in your entries, and don't duplicate them ~ if someone has already posted a similar tag, just use that one to avoid confusion later.

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Date: 2009-06-16 04:21 pm (UTC)
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Hi! I just joined because I have seasonal allergies and I wanted to tell you that your icon is made of serious win! :D


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